• Distribute welcome packages for TFWs that include personal care items, as well as multi-lingual informational material
  • assistance with landing procedures
  • assistance with customs
  • assistance completing paperwork
  • assistance with baggage or lost luggage
  • link newcomers with emergency health services
  • interpretation and/or translation support
  • helping newcomers cope with anxiety or trauma responses
  • facilitating flight connections
  • dealing with missed or cancelled flights
  • connect arriving TFWs with their employer and/or ground transportation

These services help to reduce incidents, missed flights, and misunderstandings that may arise at the airport due to language and cultural barriers. They also ensure that newcomers feel welcomed and cared for immediately upon their arrival.

The Calgary International Airport is the largest airport in the Prairie region. As a result, CCIS also offers airport reception services to Temporary Foreign Workers who are passing through the Calgary Airport on their way to their final destinations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

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Many Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) are unaware of the supports that are available to them.


One-on-one or group information sessions are provided in the TFWs’ first language


Program staff provide orientation sessions to TFWs about their rights and available resources, including how to access supports online and in person.

CCIS will provide referrals to services offered within our network of partners, agencies, and institutions – including to the Prairie Community Services for TFWs program

Referrals include:

Local community organizations

migrant worker networks

ethno-cultural communities

faith communities


sponsoring employers

Departure Support:

We provide departure services for TFWs to ensure they have a smooth and safe return to their country of origin. Departure supports include:

- pre-departure information sessions about required documentation and processes

- interpretation and system navigation support at the airport.

TFW Hub Website

This is a resource created as a central access point for accurate and updated information relevant to TFWs, employers, community organizations, researchers and other interested stakeholders.

The website includes:

- automatic translation so that it can be viewed in any language.
- an after hours 1-800 number that will direct the call to the nearest service provider
- a calendar of all upcoming and previously held information sessions in each province
- a map of service provider locations and contact information
- information about TFWs’ rights and responsibilities
- a portal through which TFWs can request support from case workers

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