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Your first week in Canada

It’s important to prepare documents needed to find housing, work and school to help you settle in Canada.

Get Your
government documents

1) Social Insurance Number
2) Alberta health care card
3) Alberta ID or Driver License
4) Alberta Digital ID


We offer a list of resources for housing options, including, homestay and rental listings. It is important to learn about tenancy laws and checking resources that provide information on the rights of renters and landlords before renting a place.

Community Settlement Services

We offer settlement services and referrals to community agencies and organizations to help you settle in Calgary. Our Children & Families’ Services Division facilitate the integration of families and children into the community,

School & Training

We deliver programs that provide highly motivated adults with practical and meaningful English language instruction. We also provide referrals within CCIS or to other institutions for further training.

Employment and Career Counselling

Our experienced team of Employment Counsellors will provide you with services and referrals to help you reach your employment goals. In one-on-one sessions, counsellors will work with you through the job search process, employment coaching and career guidance.

Need Help Finding Job?

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We support newcomers through periods of important transitions to Canada.

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