Welcome to Canada reception and orientation to landing procedures


Information and orientation on living and working in Canada


Referrals to local settlement and community resources across Canada



  • assistance with landing procedures
  • assistance with customs
  • assistance completing paperwork
  • assistance with baggage or lost luggage
  • link newcomers with emergency health services
  • provide emergency meals
  • interpretation and/or translation support
  • helping newcomers cope with anxiety or trauma responses
  • facilitating flight connections
  • dealing with missed or cancelled flights.

These services help to reduce incidents, missed flights, and misunderstandings that may arise at the airport due to language and cultural barriers. They also ensure that newcomers feel welcomed and cared for immediately upon their arrival.


Many newcomers are unaware of the supports that are available, or the necessary steps to take, to facilitate their integration into the community. CANNYYC provides:

- onsite information and orientation, including
- an overview of the various settlement agencies in the Calgary area
- the types of programs and services that newcomers can access
- recommendations for identifying and accessing relevant supports.
- emergency temporary housing and critical supports, if needed
- answer questions
- guidance on how to navigate settlement services in the Calgary area


Recently arrived newcomers require a network of programs and services to holistically address their settlement and integration needs.
CCIS’ airport reception team provides relevant referrals in response to newcomers’ requests at the Calgary International Airport, including:

  • referrals to government offices (for instance where they can obtain Social Insurance Numbers and Alberta Healthcare Cards)
  • referrals to appropriate programs and services within CCIS or other local settlement agencies
  • referrals to other local settlement agencies
  • referrals to other services and supports within the community (for instance health and mental health services)
  • referrals to ethnocultural associations
  • referrals community organizations
  • referrals to faith communities


T.F.W (ESDC Funding)

Foreign workers are hired by Canadian employers to fill temporary jobs when qualified Canadians are not available under the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program. TFWs may receive our airport reception services upon arrival at YYC.

Newcomers (IRCC Funding)

People who have recently left another country to settle in Canada are commonly referred to as "newcomers to Canada". The settlement program helps newcomers settle and adapt to life in Canada. Newcomers may receive our airport reception services upon arrival at YYC.

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